ChurchMilitant.TV News 04-04

State Religion

GOP state legislators from North Carolina are proposing a measure allowing for an OFFICIAL STATE RELIGION … declaring the state exempt from the U.S. Constitution and court rulings.

Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation

California Congresswoman Jackie SpEEr is looking to federalize a state law that would include pedophilia as a type of “sexual orientation”…. this law would prohibit counseling to change a person’s sexual orientation including…those with pedophilia.

Eggs From Aborted Babies Used For Infertilit

Scientists from Israel and The Netherlands are close to being able to harvest the eggs of ABORTED BABY GIRLS … possibly using them to help women who have difficulty conceiving.


Seminary Rector Murdered

A priest in Bangalore was found murdered on Easter Sunday. Police say the motive isn’t definite yet… but suspect…. theft because some documents were missing from Fr. KJ Thomas’s office and administration.


Sex App For Teens

The city of New York has launched an app for teens who are sexually active or considering it … which gives them information on free clinics for HIV and STD testing, how to get free condoms and emergency contraception


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