ChurchMilitant.TV News 03-08

A Date To Begin Conclave
The Vatican Press has announced the Conclave will begin next Tuesday the 13th saying…
“A pro eligendo Romano Pontifice Mass will be celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica in the morning. In the afternoon the cardinals will enter into the Conclave.”

Clinton Overturning DOMA

Bill Clinton is asking the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA ( Defense of Marriage Act) a law  he signed into office 17-years-ago.

Jesus’ Name Banned

The mayor of Longview, Washington has declared that mentioning the name above all other names in city council meetings is now FORBIDDEN.

Bishop’s Oppose Revising W.A.V.A.

5 major bishops are standing in opposition of the newly revised Violence Against Woman Act. The original law was signed in 1994 to protecting woman from human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Sex Weekend

Sex Weekend … a shortened version of the Sex Week conference held at Yale University every two years … wrapped up last Sunday after hosting a variety of workshops and discussions …  covering topics like bestiality, incest and prostitution.

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  1. anabela33 says:

    We pray for the election of our new Holy Father and hope that he will continue with liturgical reform and renewing the traditions of our faith. My adopted Cardinal is Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka. He speaks ten languages and has much experience in the Vatican. He was created a Cardinal by His Holiness Benedict XVI, and he also issued new guidelines for the liturgy in his Diocese, to include having all the Faithful including the Religious to receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue and he also forbade laymen from preaching. In addition to this, Priests are forbidden to bring elements or styles of worship from other religions into the liturgy. Now that is what I call reform. I also like two other Cardinals who are Italian, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco who is very courageous and not afraid to speak out against gay marriage etc, and he received death threats for doing so. You can check that out on Wikipedia. If anyone could tackle the inner workings of the Curia, I think he would be a good man to do so. Also Cardinal Mauro Piacenzo is another of my favourites, a deeply devout and holy man who is the Prefect for the Congregation of the Clergy. He said the following, “A de-Christianized world requires a new evangelization” but this in turn requires “new priests” not in the superficial sense, rather priests who are profoundly “renewed” by the love of Christ at every Holy Mass. Cardinal Piacenza concludes, noting that “only a renewed, converted priest can become an instrument through which the Spirit calls new priests”.

    And also Cardinal Ray Burke is also a good candidate and there are lots more but they are amongst my favourites, though I consider Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco my top favourite. But God bless whoever it is, may he be a holy Christ Centred man of God.


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