Catholic News Roundup 12-04

California Law Blocked
The California law aimed at banning reparative therapy for youths suffering from same-sex attraction has been temporarily blocked … because it impairs free speech.
Catholic World News

Pope Bashers
Pope Benedict has a twitter account, but upon entering the world of social media was immediately greeted by a slough of hate speech.

Women’s Ordination Endorsed
The National Catholic Reporter is causing an indignant stir among Catholic faithful for endorsing the ordination of women in one of its articles this week.
The Deacon’s Bench

Media Muddle
Abortion activists may have jumped the gun: it turns out an Indian woman who’s death in Ireland sparked international outrage over abortion may not have even asked for one at all.
The Blaze

Inspired Students
Students at one Kansas School are serious about the reproductive rights of their generation- and they show it by traveling hours away from their homes to pray for the unborn in front of Planned Parenthood.

Keeping Christ in Christmas
Chalk one up for keeping Christ in Christmas … Santa Monica Christians have found an interesting loophole to dodge the ban on public Nativity scenes in their California city.
The Blaze

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One thought on “Catholic News Roundup 12-04

  1. Gemma H says:

    Firstly, the basis for the inefficacy of so called conversion “therapy” is without doubt, its less effective than homeopathic duck livers at changing orientation. However what has come to light is the toxic effects of the therapy, have now been studied and the same patterns of harm and suicide risk are showing up every where every single flavour of this snake oil is shown.

    Secondly he’s guilty of the active and intentional criminal facilitation of child rape, and were he not protected by the cloak of the catholic church, he would be locked in the deepest darkest prison (I’m thinking the tower of london, we could revamp it just for him) we could find, forgive us if we are a little bit crude.

    Thirdly, like the anglican church women ordination is a matter of time, that is if the church is going to survive which seems in doubt… its a bit titanic at the moment….

    Fourthly, in a sensible hospital, in a sensible country there wouldn’t be a question, miscarriage without expelling of the fetus risks septicaemia, and so Doctors would have recommended it on pain of death. However had she had an abortion, then she would still be alive, that is not in doubt.

    Fifthly is it a school sponsored activity?

    Sixth, to clarify several atheist groups applied to the 20 public land slots, which are chosen on a lottery system, when the nativity groups didn’t get their way, they were the ones who took the case to court demanding special treatment, and the court ruled that no preferential treatment could be given, and ruled that because christian groups refused to play by the rules, nobody was allowed an unattended scene on public property.


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