The Vortex: Mother Angelica’s Birthday Present

The last Vortex ever in the ChurchMilitant.TV world! Come Monday, it’s a whole new world.

Mic’d Up: Immigration Infatuation

On this week’s edition of Mic’d Up, Michael Voris tackles the thorny issue of the relationship between the American Catholic Church and illegal immigration. Guests include Dr. E. Michael Jones, Author/Sociologist David Carlin, Columnist Rey Flores, and Church Militant’s own Simon Rafe.

The Vortex: Serving Catholics!

Catholics Serving Catholics – how much better can it get!

The Vortex: Gullible Catholics

Are some supposedly faithful Catholics really this gullible?

The Vortex: Spiritual Criminals

Spiritual thieves and murderers have broken in and are taking control.

The Vortex: It’s Raining Gays, Alleluia!

Gays are everywhere in the Church, but they didn’t JUST appear.

The Vortex: Pushing PAUSE

Another man seeking to live for the Church.

To Apply Click HERE.
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The Vortex: The Delusional Crowd

The folly of Catholic leaders giving in to the world!

Mic’d Up: Catholic School Daze

Michael Voris surveys the last fifty years of Catholic education and offers potential solutions to the crisis in Catholic schools. Guests include Father Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press, Former Congressman Robert K. Dornan, David Obeid, Principal of St. Mary Mackillop Colleges, and Luke Macik, Headmaster of the Lyceum Academy.

The Vortex: Just Do YOUR Job!

Why are so many bishops so anxious to do OTHER people’s work instead of their own jobs?

The Vortex: Cardinal Burke vs. Pope Francis

It’s portrayed as a heavyweight match-up, but in reality, not so much.


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