Baldisseri the Book Thief?

While Pope Francis was calling for open discussion at last year’s Synod on the Family, its chief organizer was apparently silencing the orthodox side.

Remaining in the Truth of Christ — it’s a series of essays defending the Church’s doctrine on marriage. With high-profile authors like Cardinal Gerhard Müller and Cardinal Raymond Burke, it’s perhaps the strongest refutation of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s argument for giving Holy Communion to divorced adulterers.

In preparation for last October’s Synod on the Family, hundreds of bishops were supposed to receive this book in their mailboxes. But a large number of them never did, as hundreds of copies were allegedly intercepted by a Vatican department, and possibly destroyed.

The man responsible? Solid sources in Rome name Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the man in charge of organizing the entire Synod.

Edward Pentin, the journalist who broke the story, writes, “High level sources allege Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri ordered they be intercepted because they would ‘interfere with the synod.’”

Pentin says Baldisseri was allegedly furious the books were being delivered, and ordered members of the Vatican’s post office to seize them. And his order was reportedly obeyed.

Canon lawyer Ed Peters suggests this action, on top of breaking Vatican City State laws, may also violate canon 1389 — abuse of ecclesiastical office. Peters states, “[T]his stunt, assuming it happened as it seems to have happened, was worse than a crime—it was a blunder . . . . [I]f it’s true, consequences need to come. Quickly.”

But so far, the only thing coming from the Vatican has been denial.

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ISIS Destroying the Cradle of Catholicism

As ISIS continues its rampage across the Middle East, murdering thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands more, cultural and historic landmarks, churches, as well as books, are being destroyed. In July of last year the Islamic State blew up a site located in Mosul, Iraq revered by local Muslims, Jews, and Christians as the Tomb of JonahMosul is the modern location of the biblical Nineveh, and earlier this week, ISIS targeted a local library and burned an estimated 8,000 valuable books and ancient manuscripts.

The actions of ISIS have many drawing comparisons to Hitler’s book burnings prior to World War II. The reason militants give for burning the texts?

“These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah. So they will be burned.”

On the same day the library was bombed, ISIS destroyed the church of Mary the Virgin, as well as the Mosul University theater. The ISIS campaign to decimate opposing ideas has destroyed over 100,000 books in Western Iraq, a region that covers over 50,000 square miles.

As ISIS expands its reach, the Christian world faces the destruction of ancient roots in regions that birthed Catholicism.

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WHO & UNICEF Are Sterilizing Kenya

When the bishops of Kenya heard UNICEF and the World Health Organization were sponsoring a tetanus vaccination campaign in its country last year, they became suspicious. They’d heard about similar programs in the past in Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines, where vaccines were found to contain Beta HCG, an antigen that causes women to become infertile.

So last year, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops went to Kenya’s Ministry of Health and called for a test on the vaccines being used for the campaign. Strangely, the Ministry of Health refused to cooperate.

The bishops then got their own committee of medical experts, and their suspicions were confirmed — Beta HCG was found in the samples. Predictably, the Ministry of Health rejected these findings, suggesting the Bishops were lying, that the tests were inaccurate, and later on, claiming they did their own tests proving the vaccines safe.

To settle the conflicting claims, Kenya’s parliament requested a joint committee of medical experts from both sides. But only the bishops brought samples of vaccines that were actually used in the campaign. And sure enough, 33% of those samples contained the sterility-inducing antigen. After hesitating to bring any test samples, the Ministry of Health finally gave the joint committee some sample vials from a national vaccine storage, not from the actual campaign.

Both the preliminary and final reports concluded that one third of the campaign’s vaccine samples contained heavy amounts of Beta HCG, while all the samples from the vaccine storage were safe. Now the Kenyan bishops are calling out UNICEF and the World Health Organization, urging their country’s Ministry of Health to stop trusting such groups.

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