The Vortex: War Against the Eucharist

What we’re dealing with at the Synod is an attack on the Eucharist.

The Vortex: A Matter of Conscience

Why belong to the Church if you reject her teachings? Don’t miss this episode of the Vortex coming from Rome!

The Vortex: Plotting Revolution

Forces Inside the Church are Plotting Revolution. Don’t miss the Vortex today coming from Rome!

The Vortex: Face It … and Deal With It!

Face It, Deal with It, Get in the Fight! Don’t miss this Vortex coming from Rome.

The Vortex: Kasper the Friendly Liar

Proof that the Catholic Media needs to be totally free and independent. Don’t miss this Vortex!

Be sure to catch the CMTV Exclusive with Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, explaining his controversial interview with Cardinal Walter Kasper.
Click here.

The Vortex: Secular Media

The Secular Media distort just about EVERYTHING. Don’t miss this episode of the Vortex coming from Rome!

Top Stories


  1. Archbishop Of Atlanta Tolerates Parish’s Gay Rights Lobbying
  2. USCCB Promotes Scandal-Ridden CCHD
  3. Catholic University Hosts 8th Annual ‘Drag’ Show
  4. Homosexuality Wasn’t Approved by the Synod Says Prominent Cardinal
  5. Raunchy “Sex Ed” Film Shot At Catholic School In Florida
    Read the Bishop’s response here.

Please Contact:

Archbishop Gregory of Atlanta
Phone: 404-920-7300 | Fax: 404-920-7301


Loyola University Chicago, Dean of Students Office
Damen Student Center
Suite 300, 6511 North Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60626
Phone: 773-508-8840

Most Reverend Archbishop Zenon Grocholewski
Prefect, The Congregation for Catholic Education (of Seminaries and Institutes of Studies)
Piazza Pio XII 3
Citta del Vaticano 00l93
Phone: 011.3906.6988.4167

The Vortex: A Clarification

Important Clarification from Michael Voris about the report: The Pope Harming The Church published last Friday, and the situation underlying it.

The Vortex: Catholic Media Covering Catholic Stuff

Catholic Media Covering Catholic Stuff

Michael Voris explains the significant role the Catholic media played during the Synod on the Family. Don’t miss this episode of the Vortex!

The Vortex: Let’s Just Say…

What’s a Catholic to do?


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